Calm – 12″ (2020) [Frei MP3]

Download Calm – 12″ (2020) [Frei MP3] ‡ ŹIP

Calm – 12″ (2020) [Frei MP3]

  • Download Künstler: Calm
  • Album: 12″
  • Stil: Indie Rock
  • Jahr: 2020
  • Format: MP3 / FLAC
  • Qualität: 320Kbps / Lossless
  • Größe [Zip oder Rar]: 46 MB / 120 MB

01 – We’ve Made A Contact But Worship Silent I Make A Whisper I Am A Sinner
02 – Slide The Needle In Under Blue Skin I Took A Picture So I Still Can Burn You
03 – The Spirits Fall Upon The Wheel To Turn The Spokes With Angel Grace When I Am Gone With Broken Wings The Spirits Fall To Take My Place
04 – Demons Reloading Such A Beautiful Disease Trigger Pull This Trigger
05 – Silk Wrapped Hands In A Masquerade Even When Things Are Picture Blue I Keep It Under My Pillow Now Just In Case Theres Nothing Left To Do Outrun Myself
06 – Be Still / We Will Live Like Thunder
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